Originally from Russia, I live and work in London since 2016.
I am focused on the boundary between random and controlled – where the artist's sole control ends and the collaboration with artificial intelligence begins. My inspiration is abstract art, Avant-garde and futurism, modern architecture and graphics, expressionism and technologies. I feel cramped in two dimensions, most of my pictures have additional ones. Some of the photographs I create are not photographs at all, but they all started from being photographs.

Here are the main subjects I am interested in:

1. Colour
Colour is the main dimension in most of my works. Colour goes first, then goes the object. Colour is the most important indicator of emotions, colour is expression.

2. Lines and Shapes
Most of my work are about architecture and the urban environment. Perfection and symmetry in buildings, streets, power lines, railway tracks meet asymmetrical (trees, people, clouds) – that forms a rhythm I hear and try to convey.

3. Harmony and Chaos
There is a chaos on my pictures. Foreground and reflections superimposed, mixed together, overshadowing each other – combination of these images creates harmony in the chaos of two or three realities at once. It is still a street photography, but it is a three-dimensional street photography.

4. LoFi and Collaboration with a Little Camera
I'm endlessly passionate about my Little Pinkie Camera (to be precise, I have several models of old Canon Powershot cameras, the oldest is about 15 years-old. All this cameras have a Colour Swap mode, and are called Pinkies after the body of a first one). Little Pinkie is opposed to "big" and "boring" DSLR. Of course, it’s a LoFi photography, but I believe: my Pinkie has soul and character, I need to follow her. I consider her to be my collaborative artist, and even though I am setting the color mode and use the variety of filters and prisms, it’s never possible to predict and control her response 100%.

5. Trust and Control
My art is largely about trust. I try to trust Chaos, trust my Fate, trust Pinkie. I try to leave images as they were created by the prism and camera, this reality is minimally altered by retouching – I either accept or do not accept the frame. My art is humble, you know. I am not very humble myself, but my art definitely is.

6. Urban environment
I like the impersonal crowd, I like the crazy concentration of information per square kilometre, I feel comfortable not knowing my neighbours by name, I feel comfortable in the subway. No claustrophobia, no loneliness in the crowd. I love the cityscapes, they are always different. I'm an urban dweller, and my photographs are about living in the urban environment.

7. Introversion, Adaptation and Confrontation
Three years ago I was reading the advices of a famous street photographer for the beginners. Among others, there were some tips about communication: "Take a shot, smile at your model and say "Thank you!". I remember that feeling of inferiority that came while reading. I can’t hold eye contact with people. I can't smile and say thank you. Am I bad street photographer?
My works are about this as well. I want my street photographs to be alive without people. Not because I don’t want to shoot people, just because it is too stressful for me. I can't stop feeling inferior, but it gives me creative energy. As if there are rules to break or truths to dethrone in this world.